The issue with Pot Cash

The issue with Pot Cash

Jerry Derevyanny is among the professionals of Northwest Cannabis possibilities. The business could be the biggest producer and processor of cannabis in Washington, plus they offered around $30 million of the items from 2014 to 2017. Derevyanny, nevertheless, will pay his workers in money. Around 190 people will work regular for the organization, yet they all have money during paydays.

In Denver, Colorado, Babak Behzadzadeh keeps their cash in a fabric case. Behzadzadeh are the owners of Avicenna items and Green Sativa.

Both businesses have now been earning around $250,000 to $350,000 each month. Every all sales go into that bag day.

Who requires protection? For many owners of cannabis organizations, fabric bags similar to this one serve as their banking institutions. Babak Behzadzadeh is just one instance.

Cannabis business people find it hard to obtain a free account at big banking institutions. Читать далее «The issue with Pot Cash»